Ace of Diamond

I finished anime series of Ace of Diamond. I don't know baseball and i don't like it either.
I generally disliked all characters in the anime. The releationship between the main character and side character was so bad. It was like 5 times weak version of Sakuragi & Rukawa of Slam Dunk. You know in every sport anime there is always a hardworker improving newbie and an already progidy talented rival. But this was the worst one because i hated that rival. It didn't shine himself but he also overshadowed main character. For Slam Dunk Sakuragi wasn't overpowered by Rukawa but Rukawa shined himself too.
They give big attention to main character's designing but the other characters looks were bad. More than highschool students they were like adult men. I hated all rival school teams. They were so annoying. That pink haired guy reminded me Fuji from Prince of Tennis.


アニ ダイヤのA始めた

, 野球が好きではありません


books on the shelves

I reading now
- Gülün 40 Şarkısı (40 Songs of the Rose), İskender Pala
- Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü (The Time Regulation Institute), Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar
- Bahar Karları (Spring Snow), Yukio Mishima
- Ölü Rular (Death Souls), Gogol

I bought The Sea of Fertility tetralogy of Yukio Mishima. There were good reviews about it. the seller told me i will love the book. Till now I read about 25 pages. I can't say I enjoyed it much for now. I am yet trying to grab the meaning of The Time Regulation Institute. 40 Songs of the Rose is almost over.

Why I am trying to read them all at the same time I don't know

have my eyes on


私たちは 2人とも同じ都市にいるので、互いに会う半分以下の時間十分です。

İkimiz de aynı şehirdeyiz ve birbirimize varmamız için yarım saatten daha az bir zaman yeter. Buna rağmen o orada, ben buradayım.- S.Ali

わたしたちに  ふたともおなじとしいるのでたがいに あうはんぶんいかじかんじゅうぶんです
それでも あなたそこわたしここます




"Unutsun beni demişsin, bu bana imkansız geliyor. Çünkü unutmam için, önce seni hatırlamam gerekiyor." /Cemal Süreya/

“You have said; he should forget me. That sounds impossible to me. Since first I need to remember you to forget”





"Acaba iyi bir şey olacak mı? Hayır, dedim kendime. İyi şeyler birdenbire olur; bu kadar bekletmez insanı.” (Oğuz Atay)

"Something good will happen? No, I said to myself. Good things happen suddenly, not make wait this long" 



I finished reading Madame Bovary. The end was as I expected.

I am reading two books right now but I can't read tonight because I have works to do.






  • セイヨウハナズオウ(seiyouhanazuou)